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In addition to the knowledge, skills and experience of Rademaker Advisory & Accountancy professionals, customers also value their inspirational, personal and extremely committed and pragmatic working manner.

The personal touch is a result of their love for their profession. The Rademaker Advisory & Accountancy employees are delighted when others succeed. This success comes from meeting customers and experiencing their world.

That empathy ensures that Rademaker Advisory & Accountancy:

  • allows its customers to feel a close connection;
  • is on the lookout for opportunities as well as possible threats for its customers;
  • is able to translate complex subjects into the language of the customer's world.

No wonder that Rademaker Advisory & Accountancy makes customers feel part of the team. A feeling that ensures a productive collaboration. Rademaker and its customers achieve results together.

Because you are never alone in a team. Together: that is what Rademaker believes in. Together we look for the best way to meet your needs or solve your problem. Whether it concerns advice or accountancy in whatever form: we work as a team!

We are the extension to your organisation and work from a foundation of attention, a personal connection and a sincere interest in you. We don't make vague promises, but use clear language and have a hands-on mentality: that's what we believe in. No unique selling points, just facts. These form the conditions for success.

We know our customers and they know us! Together, we make sure that you can work on your core tasks and that we do what we are good at: making your issues comprehensible and contributing to their solution in a practical manner.


In addition to the traditional accountancy services, such as drawing up and auditing annual accounts and preparing tax returns, Rademaker provides a wide range of advice and supporting services for companies, their shareholders and other organisations.

The Rademaker services include advice relating to various business and economic-related issues, often concerning legal, tax and governance aspects, but also comprise providing practical support in risk management and steering business and change processes in organisations.

Rademaker Advisory. Works.

Although Rademaker Advisory provides services to a variety of organisations, it especially provides services to companies in which management and ownership are intertwined. This mostly concerns family businesses, in which Rademaker advises and supports both the companies and the shareholders and/or families behind them.

In addition, Rademaker Advisory works in the public domain, especially for local authorities.

The related areas in which Rademaker Advisory is mainly active include:

a. General (financial) management support, whether or not structural, including:

  • Strategy and implementation;
  • Advice and support in risk management, internal control, steering and/or supervision (governance);
  • Advice and support in guiding business processes;
  • Change processes and change management;
  • Financial control, including optimisation of the administrative organisation and internal audit/control, set-up of the administration, budgeting processes and periodic reports;

b. Structure and optimisation issues, both with regard to the legal and the organisational structure. In addition to legal and organisational issues, this often includes tax, governance, financing and HR issues.

Optimisation of the financial and security position of the director and major shareholder with regard to the company is extremely important, particularly when it comes to family businesses.

Often, structure and optimisation issues are only put on the agenda when it is too late and changes need to be made under a lot of pressure, especially time pressure. This is one of the focus areas of Rademaker Advisory.

Of course, Rademaker Advisory also supports its customers in restructuring, necessary return to profitability, increasing profitability or a financial crisis.

c. Commercial business advice and support, among other things with regard to cost management, costs and cost price, financing, pricing and margin policies, investment and divestment.

d. Mergers and takeovers (corporate finance), including business succession. Buying and selling companies are complex matters and include finding the right parties, the process of valuation and pricing, negotiations, audits (due diligence) and concluding a multitude of agreements. This is a profession in itself, and Rademaker is an expert in the field.

A special kind of takeover is the process of succession in family businesses. It is special partly because a host of non-standard commercial laws seem to apply, but also because feelings and emotions always play a large and complicating role. Rademaker has gained plenty of experience with this kind of takeover as well, and is able to steer both the takeover and the family relationships in the right direction.

e. Collaboration and partnership management. Running a business, whether or not a family business, implies collaboration and entering into partnerships. Creating these kinds of relationships in the most appropriate manner and thoroughly documenting the agreements made within that framework is a necessity. A necessity in order for the collaboration to prosper, but also a necessity in case the collaboration should come to an end.

Rademaker provides advice and support when starting, designing and structuring different forms of collaboration, as well as advice and support with the related agreements, or in terminating the collaboration. The latter may sometimes take place in relative harmony, but is sometimes accompanied by arguments and/or other strained relations. Rademaker will try to bring the parties to the most appropriate and feasible solutions in all situations. This can be done upon request of one of the parties, but also in the form of an intermediary role on behalf of all parties. The latter amounts to mediation.

f. HR services. Our customers need the right people in the right place within their organisation. We are no different. Rademaker is not a traditional advisor, quickly presenting the ideal staffing plan using a number of well-known internet tools.

Rademaker Advisory will actually get to know your organisation or company and will assist and advise your management in improving business control.

An important focus here is to have the best possible understanding of your management and leadership, to help them evaluate their own performance and to coach them where necessary or desired.

Rademaker Accountancy. Works.

The activities of Rademaker Accountancy cover the entire range of traditional accountancy services, including preparing tax returns and providing tax advice. Only the services are traditional. The manner in which Rademaker provides these services is not traditional at all.

Whether Rademaker manages your accounts at its own office or leads your entire financial administration and information system within your organisation, the activities always focus on providing the customer with proper information.

Not only accountability information, but also business control information as well.

Not just financial data or numbers are processed when it comes to business control information. Other statistics are also involved in financial administration, meaning that the customer can use specific key figures as business control information. Outcomes, including key figures, only attain their true value when they are placed in context. The context of the past, but certainly also in the context of the future. Together with its customers, Rademaker investigates the opportunities and threats, the possibilities and risks, and translates these into practical goals, plans and budgets. This is how Rademaker's services reach farther than what is required by the law or the tax authority. Rademaker. Works. For its customers!

The related areas in which Rademaker Accountancy is mainly active include:

a. Managing the accounting records/financial administration for its customers. This can take place on-site with the customer or at the Rademaker office. In addition to administrative processing of financial documents, such as purchase and sales invoices along with bank statements, this service includes the periodic turnover tax returns as well as interim reports and management information.

Of course, an important part of the service can be and is realized with online applications. Not only is the financial administrative software an online application that both Rademaker and the customer can access, most of the communication and data exchange also takes place online.

We can also handle the annual accounts (disclosure) in SBR (Standard Business Reporting) format.

b. Preparing the annual accounts and, if applicable, the disclosure documents.

The annual accounts are still one of the most important financial accountability tools for organisations. Based on the wishes and needs of the customer, the nature and size of the organisation and the most important stakeholders, we support our customers in their choices with the foundation for valuation and determination of results, and the information to include in the annual accounts and management report in addition to the legally required information.

If customers have insufficient time or capacity to draw up the annual accounts personally, they can assign Rademaker Accountancy to prepare the annual accounts. Rademaker will then draw up the annual accounts in a professional manner and in accordance with the applicable legislation, with a compilation report attached.

Of course, we also investigate opportunities and possible threats for our customers when performing the compilation engagements, both with regard to tax as well as other aspects of the business operations.

c. Reviewing or auditing annual accounts.

If you need more assurance on the accuracy of your annual accounts or if you are required, based on articles of association, legislation and/or specific conditions, to provide more assurance to third parties of the accuracy of your annual accounts, you can request a review or audit engagement. You are obligated to engage an auditor to check your annual accounts if you meet certain criteria relating to the size of your organisation.

Rademaker Accountants is also the right partner for you with regard to review and audit engagements.

An audit required on the basis of these size criteria is what is known as the statutory audit. Rademaker is a partner in Audit & Co and works with them to, among other things, perform statutory audits that require an AFM permit. Rademaker is of the opinion that performing a statutory audit is a specialist area that requires a broader collaborative arrangement. The current environment in which statutory audits need to be performed requires a certain size of the audit practice, with scope for knowledge and experience with regard to multiple industries, specific up-to-date expertise in IT and national and international reporting, and expert interaction on multiple levels.

d. Payroll accounting.

Working in an efficient and effective manner is a must for you as an organisation and an employer. This is why Rademaker Accountancy locates the best solution for payroll services. The choice was made to opt for LAHR: Loon Advisory [Salary Advice] and HR Solutions. This application is offered in collaboration with Lansigt Accountants en Belastingadviseurs [Accountants and Tax Advisors]. Lansigt and Rademaker can offer quality and knowledge with LAHRS. Combined with the excellent application, we can guarantee the most appropriate services for you. We like to look ahead and can assist you efficiently with LAHRS.

An organisation always has to deal with the payroll administration, but it is not your core business. This is why it is important that you achieve the maximum processing speed with minimum efforts, maintaining quality. We are happy to assist you so that you have more time for your passion and for achieving your goals.

LAHRS is an online web application for personnel and payroll administration. This application is widely applicable and includes extensive functionality.

e. Managing income and corporation tax returns.

In addition to drawing up, reviewing or auditing the annual accounts, there are often obligations with regard to filing tax returns. The Rademaker tax specialists are happy to manage your income and/or corporation tax returns, in close collaboration with the accountant.

Of course, tax-related focus areas, opportunities and threats are investigated. This means that preparing your tax returns is never just a completion exercise. We know you, your organisation and the tax legislation. In combination with thoroughly discussing the tax returns before they are filed, it means that the tax items always receive the attention they deserve.

f. Tax and other advice relating to the services above.

Rademaker's working method helps to bring continuity to tax and other advice issues with almost all customers. Of course, tax advice plays an important role, both for the organisation, and for the director and major shareholder. From the tax perspective, we look at the personal situation and/or the organisation, if applicable also in relation to each other. Together we map out risks, opportunities and threats, but especially wishes. We propose possible improvements and solutions and realize them.

Our tax consultants have extensive knowledge of a wide range of tax areas. In addition to expertise in income tax, corporation tax, payroll tax and turnover tax, they have expertise with regard to estate planning and pensions.

In addition to tax advice and in close collaboration with Rademaker Advisory, we always focus on opportunities and threats, both within or in connection to the business operations of the customers. Please see the Rademaker Advisory section for more information on the areas in which Rademaker can assist you.

g. More information:

Rademaker Accountancy offers a variety of other services that are not easily described in a detailed list, especially in combination with one or more of the services above. These include IT audits, ISAE reports, statements and reports of findings relating to the justification of funding received and other specifically agreed work.

The team

The Rademaker team members come from a variety of backgrounds but have a lot in common.

They all share a great passion for their profession, and helping others to succeed makes them happy. They are all professionals who work at the highest possible quality level. Not just with regard to their expertise, but also with regard to their customers.

They are all invested in getting to know customers and their world.

We believe in this approach and translate it into the following: Looking ahead, Experience and Partnership. In conclusion: Rademaker. Works.

Would you like to know whether we can be of service to you? Send us your question and we will let you know as soon as possible whether and how we can assist you.

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